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About Christian Christ Connection

Christian Christ Connection; is a nonprofit organization that want to help educate, and give job opportunities to people in a very poor Life condition in Lira Uganda. By empowering them with the word of God giving hope and a Little help, their Lives will transform. The Bible says, when you eat the Labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you. (Psalms 128:2)

Founder of C C C

C.C.C was established in September 3, 2019. The organization was founded by Irene Kicaarwot, who has a strong Christian background and a belief in giving and helping others to become free, independent and have good valuable Living conditions.

Irene Kicaarwot was born in Lira, Uganda. She moved to Norway to live with her family member in 1996.


Irene Kicaarwot has a Master degree in Social Science at University of Stavanger and has also a diploma from ACTA Bible school at IMI Church Stavanger.

She has been working as Welfare State Advisor /Supervisor, Child protection specialist Crisis intervention, Family therapy and case management, mental health counseling, Healthcare District Consultant in Norway.

Visions of C.C.C

  • Helping poor Orphans, widows, sick and needy through education and vocational job training, agricultural and farming courses
  • Creating events and fundraising internationally to support the organization.
  • Online shop on the website
  • Healing and Deliverance programs/crusades
  • Partners

    Pastor Grace Adongo Okallo, Apostle Tony, O. Amwonya at Highway of eternity Church International, Pastor James Omara at Lira Christian Center Church Post box 234 Lira Uganda


    • Director: Irene Kicaarwot
    • Member: Kine Gahstr¢m Kalviknes


    A Society is the reflection of families. Therefore C.C.C will strongly give focus to family development, education and productivity. When families are not doing well the society will not be doing well. The purpose of families is to secure the society. The savior of families is the bedrock of human survival. If we don’t sanctify families and respect it, we will have a nation that is disintegrating.

    CCC want to offer school scholarships to the poor and marginalized people and give personal training in agriculture and finance where people can learn how to generate their own income and savings.

    No child should go hungry to bed. No parent should have to choose between food, medication or schooling for their children. Together we can help the less privileged to provide for themselves and their families.

    Cost of Education

    Educate a person through your donation and help eradicate poverty. The average annual cost of educating a high school student in the United States is about $7,750. In Uganda the average cost per year is about $650. 12 children can go to school in Uganda for the price on one student in the US. In some areas a girl can attend high school for as little as $500. Although the exact costs vary by school and town. A small donation can make a big difference in the Life of an African child. Likewise, the cost of attending a public college in the United States is about $15,000. The cost of attending a university in Uganda varies by school and program, but averages is about $3,000 a Year. For the price of a year in a US college, five children can go to university in Africa. Students in Uganda pay fees to attend school, even if the school is "free," students must have uniforms and supplies that they often cannot afford. Most high schools in East Africa are boarding schools, requiring students to Live away from home and pay fees for their Living expenses and tuition. Christian Christ Connection want to support students attending elementary school through college in Lira Uganda. Your donation will help children to go to school and stay in school. Donations of any amount are critical and can ensure a child's future.

    Here are some examples of what your donation can provide:

    • $25 - personal supplies, including soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads, Laundry detergent, and the Like
    • $50 - a school uniform, physical education uniform, and school supplies
    • $100 - school books for eight children
    • $200 - a mattress, set of sheets, a blanket, and a trunk for two children at boarding school
    • $350 - a year of elementary school
    • $650 - a year of high school
    • $1,500 - a year of vocational school
    • $1,500 - a year of vocational school
    • $3,000 - a year in college, including room and boarding.


    Mosquito nets and Hygienic articles.

    Donation to families who are in crucial need for blankets, mosquitoes net, menstrual pads, soap/washing detergent for hygiene purpose

    Farming and Agriculture.

    Donate to provide less privileged families with crops, poultry and animals.

    Health Care

    Sick hospital kids, donate to provide them with toys, food, blankets, clothes and mosquitoes net.

    Family and community playground/park

    Children and community Playgarden: A park for children, families and the community by giving them a fun place to play, sit and relax.


    Contact Us


    Sverdrups Gate 36. 4007, Stavanger. Norway

    Contact Number

    +4 7 977824 77

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